About Freight Dispatch

In the process of moving goods from one destination to another, clearance of the goods will have to be done by the receiving party or an agent. A freight forwarder does not transport the cargo, but acts as an intermediary between the client and various logistics services company because products sent from one international destination to another often involve a good number of carriers, legalities and requirements. The freight dispatch company can also perform the job of clearing the goods and dispatching it to the final destination of the receiver upon agreement.

There is an increasing demand for the service of the freight dispatch company just as there is an increase in the quantities to be moved, clients are also demanding a timely and reliable means of moving their goods. Considering the rate and speed at which technology becomes outdated, is so fast, hence any time delay in the process of freight dispatch, by any Service Company will be unacceptable by clients. Most of these products have very short life-cycles. Failure to get the product to the destination at the right time might render it useless, even when it finally gets to the destination and into the market because of delay in delivery. Competing product could take advantage of the delay to get established in the market. The advancement in technology is also pushing hard on the dispatch speed and supply chains because no sooner does an existing model of a product get into the market that a more advanced model is ready for replacement creating pressure on all existing stock.

To succeed and be successful in today’s fast moving world and demanding supply chains only a sophisticated transportation system will give an edge and guarantee premium quality. Understanding the enormity of this challenge and the demand from clients, freight dispatch company have also embraced a multitasking system and information technology system to drive their dispatch system in order to meet up with clients’ demands satisfactorily. The deployment of information technology into the dispatch procedure has made certain that movement of goods can be tracked much easily and the position determined at any time. It has also facilitated the support service in the case of breakdown of vehicles with replacements made available on time.

This is the reason organizations in a broad range of retail, distribution, and production/manufacturing industries with medium to large fleets use Infor SCM Dispatch. This solution produces realistic routes that consider a range of factors, including delivery outlook, pickup or delivery schedule, load and unload period, compatibility of product-to-vehicle, and the job of the driver. This tool is designed to manage and support a multi-user environment, so dispatchers can have an idea of the big picture in the process of carrying out their task giving better and improved visibility. This enable dispatcher to adjust in real time their operations as changes come. It helps in the process of reallocation task, equipment and the project plan of dispatching even when dispatchers are out of office. Other team members can easily be called on to carry out task as may be assigned to them.

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